Last night, we went out to dinner with another couple. To Pazo. It was our second time there – the first time the service stunk, but the manager was awesome so we gave it a second try. It was perfect. The food, the wine, the company.

Came home to over 100 emails (not atypical), and since I’d had a couple glasses of Aglianico, Molletieri (Irpinia) 2003, I just scanned to see if there was anything worth reading before the morning. And there was. A note from a blogger friend. Suffice it to say, these photos – documenting my boot problem – are dedicated to her.

Nothing fancy – great with jeans.

My oldest pair – broken in beyond description.

Rain boots. My first ever! A little silly, I admit, but great for going to the bus stop!

The best deal I ever got. Bought these from Deniz for pennies on the dollar and have worn them into the ground. I think it’s time for them to be retired.

Andrew had these custom made for me after Davis was born. They’re a cross between riding boots and cop boots. Yes, they need a spit and shine. But I love them. Made by Dehner Boots.

Wore these last night. Always a great choice with Sevens and a black blazer.

My most recent purchase. Very comfie, despite how they look.

Yes, I know these look like the other cowboy boots. But less so in person. I just can’t get the feel for these.

Okay, 2004 model. I haven’t worn these in a while – they look pretty shabby. Time to go.

And these are my totally not cool snow boots!

8 thoughts on “Boots.

  1. Oh lordy! My faves are your least faves it seems. Me lovey the snow boots and the rain boots! Fonky foul weather gear rules! And believe it or not I’m straight! GNG up there pointed me to your boot problem because I thought your icon (oin her comments page) was a from a comic strip called
    “Over The Hedge”. Now I see they’re boots and that you have a severe boot issue. At least ditch the shabby ones. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. The rainboots ARE fun! I’m ditching the shabby ones today. This photo expedition was a rude awakening! The snowboot, ugly as they are, are so incredibly comfie!

    Wait until I post the pumps and slides! [kidding…but who knows? maybe on a slow day…]

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