I learned a lesson from Reed today.

He had been having trouble hitting the ball. He was worried he wouldn’t hit it hard enough. Or that he’d swing and miss. Or foul out. He was stressed.

Tonight’s game was not convenient for me. I was very busy. I had deadlines and conference calls. Not to mention a friend of a friend who was depending on me for something that it’s hard to imagine how I got involved with in the first place. But I wanted to get out. Get away from the computer. Make that I needed to get away from the computer.

So we picked up a gourmet Subway dinner and went to the game.

Reed had an awesome hit in the second inning. I mean awesome. The kind where all the other dads come to congratulate the kid’s parents. You know what I mean.

So after the game, Reed told me how he did it. He played his favorite music in his head and relaxed. Then came the pitch. And wham. Just like that. You should try it, Mom.

I think I will.


13 thoughts on “Baseball.

  1. Hey, I had no idea we were almost living in parallel universes last night! Subway gourmet dinner, a rush-hour drive out to Lisbon (NOT convenient) for a baseball game… And confidence prevailed!!
    Two outs, bases loaded, and of course, my son’t up. [I think we parents feel the pressure our kids may be feeling, but tenfold!!!] Not the strongest batter of the line-up, but a definite improvement over last year’s fear of getting hit by pitches (not an unrealistic fear, as he did get hit by a disporportionate share of pitches!) Last season was one with many strike-outs without swinging, and some walks in between. All the practicing in the world couldn’t break down the mental menace that was preventing him from hitting. Okay, so back to last night. Two outs, bases loaded, they’re losing 2-0… and a solid hit. Coulda been out at first, but wasn’t. First rbi of the game (they pulled out a win in the bottom of the last inning), a happy kid, and a proud parent. Made that schlep to Lisbon totally worthwhile! Congrats to Reed on his shining moment, and great mind control, too!!

  2. I had gourmet Subway yesterday too.

    So. What IS Reed’s favorite music? I could have used that tip yesterday, but I’m sure it will come in handy soon enough!

  3. Subway seems like a popular dinner! Reed was “playing” Temperature by Sean Paul. It’s new reggae… Great stuff.

  4. Great Advice. My daughter always wears her mp3 when she is practicing soccer. She says it makes her kick harder!

  5. Cruisin – He’ll be 9 next month.

    WW – who knew? Love your name, btw.

    Thanks Jodie and Junebee – you already knew the trick! Now I have to try it…

  6. The phrase “out of the mouths of babes” springs to mind here.

    Sounds like he could be a sports psychologist someday!



  7. That’s a sweet insight to figure out at such a young age. Real effective tricks to help you relax and focus. Impressive!

  8. Thanks for coming by Jackt… yes, the kids is quite the thinker!

    Janet – a sports psycologist? He would LOVE that job!

    (He just wrote his life’s autobiography for a school project. He said that he’d get a masters from Duke and then systematically take over the world. I think I’d prefer the sports pyscologist route!)

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