Back to school.

I’m nervous. I am going to school. Middle school. Tonight is the ever-dreaded back-to-school night. I check in at the homeroom. Then, I’m given my son’s schedule and I have to go to each class and sit at his desks. I have Social Studies, Science, Writing, English, Math and Art. Thankfully, no PE tonight. I couldn’t bear to wear a gym uniform.

When I was in school, our gym uniform was yellow with snaps – a dress thing – and bloomers. Bloomers? Do you even think that anyone under 40 knows what the heck bloomers are? Yikes. Now they have shorts and t-shirts. And the boys wear the same thing as the girls!

But I digress.

Elementary School. It’s very comfy and cozy. But this Middle School thing? Not comfortable. I am not liking this at all!

Rumor has it that I cried the first day of school every year of my life. At least that’s what my mother says. Maybe it’s true. I don’t remember every year. There must be one year that I was happy with my class assignment. There must be a year that I wasn’t totally stressed out. Right? Whatever….

So as I drive myself to my first real visit to Middle School…I need to keep reminding myself…

I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry….


5 thoughts on “Back to school.

  1. I can remember my first day in a new school, hardly knowing a soul, and having been through a not so great experience at my last school..then, this nice girl said hi and talked to me for a while..oh wait! that was you!! thanks Wendy..its those things that stay w/me!
    peace and happy new years!

  2. I think there was one year that you were happy with your class assignments. You were a Junior in college. I’m just kidding. There may have been more than one, but I don’t remember.

  3. I was wondering if kids still have to wear gym uniforms. That’s half of what made me hate physical activity. (The other half was that I had asthma).

    Luckily I grew up and went to a real gym and learned the joys of exercise. (Also the asthma mysteriously decreased the farther I moved from home!).

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