When the term Helicopter Mom came out, it was considered a pejorative. Insulting. Who would admit they were one of those moms who is so involved in their children’s lives – to the point of managing every detail of their lives? To read some of the articles and hear some of the accounts can be hair-raising.

But lately? I hear women referring to themselves as Helicopters. With a sense of pride.

What an interesting shift.

All parents want to see their children succeed. Or at least I think they do. But I suppose there are definitial differences between what we all consider success.

Is success having the best grades and the best projects (sometimes with lots of help and support)?

Or is success learning to become independent and self-sufficient? Along with the consequences…

Judgements aside, it’s interesting to hear moms calling themselves Helicopters with a smile and a nudge.

I know what my parenting goals are.

But, just as many other parents I know, I worry that what I think and do isn’t always the best way. I suppose we all do the best we can…


4 thoughts on “Helicopters.

  1. From some of the things you post about your guys, you must be thinking and doing everything the best way! I wanna be like you when “I” grow up!

  2. At school, helicopter moms can be suffocating for the child who doesn’t learn to function independently. Even the youngest children can put a backpack in a cubby or locker. The teachers should encourage these moms to give the child an opportunity to try, even if they aren’t always successful. But once they get home, moms need to be involved in the homework, projects, and after school activities. Teachers would encourage this! It is only those who can’t let go at the schoolhouse door, who create a problem and a bad reputation for others.

  3. I’d never heard of this term. I was never a “helicopter mom,” but I never put my kid on “auto-pilot” either.

    It seems to me that you have a lovely balance with your boys, being involved in their lives but encouraging independence.

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