What was I thinking?

A friend of mine, Pam, sent me this photo today. She’d come across it while looking for something else.

I have 13 comments.

1) Look how short my hair was!
2) I was 5 months pregnant in this photo. Was I insane?

3) Do you see how little Davis & Reed are? Gee whiz. I really should have read that book my mother gave me about the facts of life.
4) This was in Chadron State Park in western Nebraska.
5) We were camping (in rugged cabins) in a state park with Pam and Kent. They did not have kids yet.
6) I’m still surprised they decided to have some after this.
7) I spent a lot of time keeping Reed out of the campfire.
8) Most rugged cabins don’t have cribs. Who’d have known?
9) Kent and Andrew cooked some amazing meals over the fire. Yum.
10) Did I mention that we drove 10 hours (each way) with these kids to get to this place?
11) The boys did not appreciate hiking the Mormon Trail. But it was very cool.
12) Kent taught Davis how to fish.
13) We got to see Carhenge on this trip. Awesome!

7 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Liz – I don’t know that camping will be an annual thing with us! Maybe camping at the Hyatt…

    Junebee – Thanks! It always cracks me up to see how much they haven’t changed – except grown up!

    Jinn – Bite your tongue! 🙂

  2. Great picture, fun memories to share. It’s amazing to look back at all that you’ve done, isn’t it? Especially when you think “how did I ever do that? (travel 10 hours with 2 toddlers, for instance). You’re a Can-Do mom, lucky for your boys!

  3. LOVE THE SHORT HAIR!! It’s called the mommy cut, seems that all new mom’s do this…I’ve had that same haircut somewhere in my life 🙂

  4. After being told I served as “inspiration,” well I just had to peek at your blog. Thirteen right back at you:

    1. I have seen your hair way shorter. In fact, I have seen you with less hair on your head than Reed has in that picture.
    2. HA! I have no recollection of you being pregnant on that trip. I was still single so I was not physically able to notice pregnant people or babies. Oddly, now I see them everywhere.
    3. Yes, I imagine it can be hard to finish books when you have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.
    4. Chadron was indeed beautiful. Who knew there were pine forests in western Nebraska?
    5. Rugged? That cabin may have been the nicest accommodation we had on that trip.
    6. Me too. But at least we know not to go camping with them! All they would want to do is walk in the fire.
    7. See #6.
    8. Most rugged cabins don’t have a kitchen with running water or a bathroom either! Of course today (just 8 years later) you would’ve checked the website before you left.
    9. Kent still credits Andrew with teaching him how to barbeque chicken, the sole non-cow dish Kent has mastered.
    10. It was in Nebraska at least. I remember you guys saying you were exhausted, but now that I’ve been in a car with two toddlers and been pregnant, I know how tired you REALLY were. Thanks for making that drive!
    11. That whole trip was cool. Seeing this post made me go find the rest of my pictures. Ah, those were the days – Kent and I taking two weeks off at a time to just explore…
    12. That is very gracious of you. Kent remembers it as teaching David to hold a fishing rod. Kent was so scared Davis would stick himself or someone else with the lure, he wouldn’t tie a real one on.
    13. Yes, Carhenge is a must-see. Not sure why it hasn’t attained the same status as Wall Drug, or South-of-the-Border in American driving folklore, but I guess there is no accounting for taste.

    What a nice memory…love you guys.

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