Weekend project.

Cost for jeans and insulation board? $27.00

Time invested? 5 hours (3 for me, 2 for my guest who got sucked into helping)

Reed’s smile? Priceless


4 thoughts on “Weekend project.

  1. Coooool idea. Can I borrow it? We are going to update our kids’ room this month (child #3 is moving out of a crib) and all 3 kids are going to share a room for a while. I needed a cool bulletin board for the room – this is perfect. Mind if I share? 🙂

  2. I’ll email you when we begin – I have a few questions. Funny thing is, I sew, so I save old Jeans anyway that have holes in them (some become shorts depending on where the holes are) for purposes other than wearing them on your legs. If the butt is in good shape I make a handbag out of it, etc. Love your idea.

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