Ever notice how many 2-syllable words that are just a little off start with a? It might not surprise some of you to know that I spent some time yesterday morning (on a snow day – no school!) laying in my wonderful bed – with the kabillion count sheets expertly washed with Era and Mountain Fresh (okay, I’m still depressed about that) Clorox and my down comforter pulled up high and my three down pillows fluffed to perfection (and I might have hijacked a couple of Andrew’s also) thinking about just that. Two syllable words that start with a that are just a little off.

I vowed to share the list with you. So here goes.

amok (AKA amuck)

It’s just a start. But,see my point? Now you have a teeny glimpse into the odd workings….

Any to add?

I’ll try to have more coherent thoughts tomorrow.


You know I love comments! Comment here. (Does that sound needy?)

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