Graffiti as art.

Back in college in the early 80’s, I wrote a paper on graffiti for an art class I was taking. The paper suggested that personal expression on the streets was an art form. While this wasn’t a purely original thought, it was, I believe, early in the movement. And it was controversial in the class. Especially with the real artists. I thought it was really fun – I had great photos, etc. And it was a lot more interesting than my paper about Kandinsky’s White on White.

Max submitted a photo for a contest with the theme Why? – he chose Why do people destroy property? And he came in second place! (He submitted the Blaze photo & spray painted the mat! It was very cool. The other one is from the shoot that day!

Yesterday, my in-laws took us all to a great lunch at the Lancaster Brewing Company. I had a great grilled caesar salad. Yum! But I digress.

The boys went to the rest room and came back laughing uncontrollably. Serious giggles. They tried to explain what they’d seen – and finally, I gave them my phone and told them they could take a picture of it. Here goes.

A graffiti treasure hunt of sorts.



6 thoughts on “Graffiti as art.

  1. Hey, I just drove the length of a freight train yesterday, taking photos of all of the graffiti on the cars (Sunday with mama!) for a potential blog! You beat me to it.

    I laughed at the last graffiti, picturing your giggling boys with the phone cam.

  2. When I was in college, I worked at a one-hour photo lab. A couple of kids always brought in film which turned out to be pictures of the most amazing grafitti. I never could figure out where in the city it was.

  3. It’s interesting you post this now, since here in Puerto Rico a sort of huge debate has surged and some mayors are erasing what they consider ‘graffiti’ when really some of them are moving pieces of art…

    I personally know plenty of friends who have come a long way since their graffiti days are are currently exposing their stuff in galleries…

    I loved this post…

    And the graffiti treasure hunt, totally hysterical…

  4. street art is always unexpected, but like art in a more formal setting… you have to sort through a lot of crap to find the good stuff. I live on Georgia Ave and we are starving for some good wall snatchers. A piece on the gate at the National Guard would be nice. How about some productive work in my ally. I don’t know who “XXNX” is but they need to work on a better tag. My ex-roommate wanted to start a group to promote worth while graffiti in our neighborhood. If I only had the time….

  5. I just ran outside for a cigarette and noticed that someone had hit the National Guard gate. Good thing.. those bastards didn’t clean off their sidewalk during the snowstorm. I bet the tag will be gone a lot quicker than the snow was.

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