I’ve been trying to eat healthy. Really, I have. Really! Why don’t you believe me? Here are 13 things in our house that are calling my name…

1) All the kids’ Valentines chocolates. Davis has the most left. Think he’ll miss it?
2) Moose Tracks ice cream with hot fudge AND hot caramel.
3) French Fries.
4) Ginger snaps.
5) Oreos.
6) Fritos.
7) Pistachio nuts.
8) Candy hearts with messages on them. (Thanks, Alice!)
9) Horseradish/cheddar spread on crackers.
10) CocaCola – original with sugar and all.
11) Hot chocolate. With marshmallows.
12) Bourbon. (with or without honey)
13) Peanut butter. (from the jar)


2 thoughts on “

  1. we used to “steal” my mom’s stash of chocolate when we were little. she supposedly didn’t notice. maybe it would work the opposite way. 🙂

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