Mistaken identity.

As I was walking across the parking lot making my way to the gym this morning, a very tall and extremely handsome 30-something man stopped me.

He: Where were you?
Me: Excuse me?
He: Weren’t you going to give me a massage this morning?
Me: (blank stare)
He: I thought we made an appointment.
Me: For a massage?
He: Do you work here?
Me: No.
He: Oh, sorry. You look like…
Me: Maybe another time? (smile/joking of course)
He: (laughs and walks away mortified)


4 thoughts on “Mistaken identity.

  1. Hilarious. I like the “blank stare” response.

    But y’know…everytime I think someone’s said something funny to me by chance, I find out he’s been approaching every woman in the coffee shop with the same line (aren’t you writing a book?)

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