Twitch, twitch, twitch.

Remember when Fred Flintstone performed at the Rock Roll? He sang Bedrock…twitch, twitch..! — the song and dance that was inspired by Fred’s allergic reaction to pickled dodo eggs.

Who could forget that?

The song, unfortunately, has been stuck in my head for some time now. You see, I have a twitch in the outside corner of my left eye. No big deal, right?


I’ve had this twitch on and off for 3 weeks now. I’m almost ready to check myself into a psych ward.

It’s hard to concentrate.

So, in order to distract myself from the Twitch song and look for alternatives, I started (you guessed it) searching! Hey, it’s something to do, right?

Okay, what this really is…a search from GetLyrical for songs with the word twitch in them. Now, I have to go listen to them all!


4 thoughts on “Twitch, twitch, twitch.

  1. There’s a place I know where the deadheads go, it’s called red rocks, twitch twitch!! talk about gettin stuck in yer head! thanks Wendy!!



  2. That is so funnny. My eye has been twitching too! Someone said it was lack of sleep. I had it once before and it eventually just went away so I’m just waiting for it to!! 🙂

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