I have a new hero. David Seah. He writes about design, development, becoming productive, and the business of being a freelancer. He energizes me. He makes me think productivity tools are sexy. And fun. And worth thinking about. Crazy, huh?

I gather that his real biz is creating graphic interfaces, designing interactive stuff and the like. But I love the guy for being extremely organized and scientific and geeky. (Sorry David. I mean it in the nicest possible way.)

Disclaimer. I don’t know this guy. I’m a groupie. I read his feeds, print his forms, download his stuff (like the clock that is sometimes early and sometimes on time to psych you out) and send the really neat stuff to sufficiently geeky (I mean organized and thoughtful) colleagues. Andrew might want to worry about this Seah guy. Just a little.

Seriously, check out his printable CEO series for task management. And the Procrastinator’s Clock. Oh how I love the clock. And who doesn’t love a productivity guy with a sense of humor? You gotta see the Task Project Tracker with the Destruct-O-Matic feature.

What really gets me going is that this guy clearly loves what he does. And boy does it show.

And the fact that he can make this stuff fascinating (Okay, fine. But to me it is!) speaks volumes.

One day, he needed an article from the Wall Street Journal and I sent it to him. He wrote me a thanks! I was honored to assist.

So I’m secretly hoping he’ll see this and respond. But feeding my irrational crush wouldn’t probably be healthy anyway. Or would it?


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