Over the hills and far away.

In high school, I was a Deadhead. My friend, Laurie, loved Led Zeppelin. Back then, it was radical that we could find a way to get along. But we did. Quite well. I bet if you asked her, she’d tell you that there were Dead songs she liked after I made her listen to them. I know that there are Zeppelin songs that I really admired after she jammed them down my throat. I mean played them for me.

One such tune, Over the Hills and Far Away, is one of my lifelong favorite songs. Here it is for your listening enjoyment. (Not you, Mom. You won’t like it.) And forgive the commercial. I have just about HAD IT with youtube, so I’m trying another option.

[ There was a cool video here of Zeppelin performing the song. But it was making my brother’s computer have errors… maybe yours too? ]

When Andrew & I renovated our home last year, we had a groovy sound system put in. We used a great company Innovative Media, whose fearless leader, Ryan, is star of DIY’s Tech Out My House. He also happens to be married to my cousin. And he’s a great guy and knows his stuff.

So last year, when we talked to Ryan about what we wanted in a music/entertainment system, we told him we wanted a turntable. After he stopped laughing (he said he had never sold one before), he set about designing the perfect system for us.

Last night, before our company came for dinner, we put that Zeppelin album on and turned it up. Way, way up. It was like being 17 again. Except this time, we could drink legally.

It was awesome.

Great way to start the weekend, don’t you think?

(note: Reed’s crack about golden oldies didn’t even ruin the mood!)


5 thoughts on “Over the hills and far away.

  1. How can I pass on a blog from you that starts with: “In high school, I was a Deadhead.” HA! Because, as you may well know, in high school, I was a deadhead too!! When I met my wife to be (just celebrated 21 years yesterday btw) she told me of her love for Zeppelin. I snickered in that deadhead too cool for school kind of way. Oh, come on now, everybody had that snicker reserved for something or other! Anyway, one night, it was either Jimmy Page or Robert Plant’s birthday. I was hosting a “classic rock” show and decided to do all Zeppelin. Blew me away! Funny thing is, now the girls will come in with some sort of “music” or another, and I have to bite my toungue to not say, in a heavy Eastern European accent “Oy! You call that music?!”So, yeah, funny…

    rock on sister!!


  2. How fun! Sounds like a great night. My 13 year old daughter is starting to put rock stars on her wall, I can’t say anything, I had a kiss poster on my wall (my mother was horrified).

  3. “Blanche”,

    Great post!

    One important decision that John and I will have to make, when we get settled into a house of our own (see my posting of Sunday the 4th) is which song will be the first to be heard on the sound system in the “sitting room”.

    My choice would be something by the Beatles. John’s might be old Genesis or Supertramp.

    I’ll keep you posted who wins!!!

    From another “oldie”…


  4. Wow! A few days of “way-too-busy” and I almost missed your Zeppelin blog. I’d forgotten how we started off in such different places, musically speaking, and yeah, we did give each other a hard time!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. (To this day, I can still remember and appreciate the great Zeppelin stuff I shoved down your throat (in your words, thank you!), but I have to say, the Dead stayed the course longer. I can’t remember the last time I played Zeppelin; sure can’t say that about the Dead!! But Over the Hills and Far Away is still a gem to hear.

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