Product demonstration.

We went to the Adventure Travel show at the Washington Convention Center. Boy did we walk away with a load of amazing ideas and catalogs and pamphlets. Wowie wow. I want to go to Fiji, Africa, Buenos Aires, China, biking in Ireland, and more. Lots and lots more.

But I’m writing this about marketing. Two things we saw are, IMHO, worthy of mention. Sure, there was all kind of graft, candy, cool stuff. But these were truly engaging.

First, The Dude Ranch Association – or some such – had cattle roping lessons. The boys seriously want to go to one of these places now. That was a great booth.

Then, near the rain forest expedition booth (and the frog research project trip in Puerto Rico that I’m dying to go on!) there was the Gortex booth. The sales guys (cute, cute, cute!) talked about how Gortex outerwear will keep you dry on your adventure travels. Okay. Big deal. But then, they dressed you head to toe in their stuff. Then, you step into the storm. Well, it’s a trailer. But it’s raining hard and multi-directionally and lightning (okay, flashing lights) and making noise. Lots of noise.

Then, you get out, take off the Gortex, and you’re dry. Bone dry. Great product demo and talk about participation in the marketing message. Very cool.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the need for such dry outerwear. But I do know that I’ll buy Gortex if I do. Seriously. This was brilliant and memorable.

And to top it off, they gave the boys leather bound tape measures with the Gortex URL on them. You don’t even want to know what they’ve measured so far…


4 thoughts on “Product demonstration.

  1. Sounds fun! Trust me – gortex rocks on those trips when the weather is not quite spring like but it’s not winter like either. It’s certainly saved my ass on a few trips…Bon Voyage!

  2. Gortex seems great…but who has 500 dollars to spend on a coat?!?! CAHRAZY!

    And aren’t conventions fun? Every year we go to either the Wired Nextfest or DigitalLife conventions. Free swag = awesome!

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