Looks can be deceiving.

This girl looks sweet, no?

That’s until she brings out this tray.

After an hour of poking, scraping, flossing, and lecturing, she sends the dentist in.

She looks nice, too. Doesn’t she? Actually she is. Wouldn’t it suck to have a job where everyone hates to see you?


5 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving.

  1. I HATE the dentist. When I go I always feel bad for being miserable because the people who work there are so nice. It’s tough.

  2. Ditto to Kristin’s comment — what did they say when you asked to take their photos, and did you tell them they were about to get their “15 minutes of fame” on your blog?


  3. The hygienist was not thrilled, but reluctantly dealt with it. Lisa, my dentist, smiled! I let her veto a couple pictures that she didn’t like. She’s terrific.

    I did tell them they’d be blogged about…

    Did I mention that Andrew made that hygienist cry last time he was there? Or that she made ME cry the last time I went? Blahhh!

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