Wednesday, snowy Wednesday.

Well, it’s barely more than a flurry. And yet, the kids are home from school. That’s frustrating. Simply tack it on to the end of the year in June. Whatever. I do wonder what the county was thinking this time. Ridiculous.

Some thoughts of the day….

1) I have always lived by the motto that food and drinks and computers don’t mix. Don’t eat and type. That’s how I’ve lived. Drinks? Well, I’ve let that go. I do have a Diet Pepsi or coffee on my desk virtually all the time. Okay, so today. Today, I really, really needed to get some work done. So I made some black beans and rice (mixed with last nights sauteed mushrooms and onions) and brought it to my desk. No time to stop, right?

But, as one might have predicted, a mishap. How the heck am I going to get those little pieces of rice out of my keyboard? With tweezers.

2) In the future, when there is a report threatening school closings, rearrange the work schedule so the deepest thinking part of the project doesn’t hit while the boys are in the next room playing Mario Brothers Make a Racket on GameCube.

3) Straightening the pantry does not pay the bills.

4) My little sister’s birthday was the other day. Her present (she’s going to love it!) should be here any day. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by writing it here… she started subscribing to the feed!

Happy Birthday Amy! (this picture is a couple years old. From about 1972.)

5) I’d better get back to work. I don’t want to get fired!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday, snowy Wednesday.

  1. Oh, dahling, we have the same label maker. I emailed the picture to my husband so he can see that other people label their storage containers 🙂

  2. Yeah, how ’bout that *snow* day. Hmmm…
    I can only imagine that getting rice out of a keyboard is easier than getting orange juice out of a keyboard. Trust me.
    That picture pre-dates the Amy I remember, from her junior high school days, I think! Very cute! Happy belated b-day, Amy!

  3. No, but you can make money organizing pantries for other people.

    Nail files work great for getting errant rice, staples and other teensy objects out of keyboards. Maybe you could try some dental floss too.

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