I’m feeling selfish. Really selfish.

I want time for me, me, me.

Actually, I don’t even want to be alone. I want to be with my husband and my kids. I want us all snuggled in pjs and comforters and watching a movie or playing Stratego or Quiddler or poker. (Okay, I admit it. We taught the kids to play poker. Max is quite good, actually.)

I want to read.

I have 4 books sitting here that I can’t wait to read. I guess I will read 1 or 2 on the plane to Vegas and back. (Did I tell you I’m presenting a seminar at the Got Milk? marketing conference? I’m pretty excited…)

I want to read all your wonderful blog postings. I’ve checked in on a couple this week, but I’m terribly behind. I hate that.

I want to write.

I want to write thoughtful blogs. And I’ve started a short story that I’ve had absolutely no time to think about. And letters. I want to send some letters. I love getting letters and think others do, too.

I want to sleep.

Okay, here goes Wendy again telling about her wonderful sheets and how great her bed is. Well it is! And I hate getting out of it at 6:00 am to go to the gym and I love getting into it when I’m ready to collapse at night. What I want is to have some bonus time there. Maybe with one of those books I mentioned.

I want to run.

I’ve decided to start running. I ran track in high school and though I wasn’t all that fast, I did build quite a bit of endurance. I’ve noticed lately that lots of the women I know with the best legs (and butts 🙂 are runners. Couldn’t be a coincidence. So for Mother’s Day (maybe early? please?), I’m asking for running shoes. We’re lucky around here to have miles and miles of paths to run and bike on. Look for me!

Right now? I want to eat. Andrew made a great dinner – Indian Chicken on the grill with rice and edamame. I made challah.

Shabbat Shalom!


2 thoughts on “Selfish.

  1. I like challah bread. I used to work in a bakery that sold it. That was in Philadelphia. I’ve never seen challah sold here in the Tampa area.

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