Boys will be boys.

Yesterday, Andrew went out to play with his little friends from Semites on Bikes. He’s been hanging around me so long that he’s even thought to take some pictures with his phone. I’m going to make a blogger out of him yet.


9 thoughts on “Boys will be boys.

  1. There’s another group here called “The Tribe” – I haven’t heard of the Kosher Hogs.

    Maven – yikes. I hate that word.

    GNG – We’ll see! Maybe from Vegas?

  2. it comes from the yiddish-german word “keikel,” which means circle. when jews came to ellis island, a chalk-circle (keikel) was drawn on them as an identifying mark. they were nicknamed “kikes.”

  3. also…is the “K” word to the Jewish community like the “N” word to the to the African American community?

  4. Though the word ‘kike’ itself doesn’t translate to something awful, it is used in such ugly ways – very much like the N word, yes.

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