Deceptive advertising? I think not!

The other day, I was reading my ADVO coupons – the ones that come with the Columbia Flier. And I found this on the back page:

A couple of things struck me as quite remarkable and possibly even unbelievable. (Sorry, I can be a skeptic sometimes!)

– How could one squeeze into a bathing suit powerful enough to squish in 4 sizes?

– Why aren’t her limbs oozing out a the end of the suit? I mean, is this suit so amazing that it slims the parts that aren’t even in the bathing suit? Wow.

– Why would a company brilliant enough to make such a miracle suit charge only $9.95? Are they philanthropists? Working to help boost the self-esteem of bathing suit wearers everywhere?

– If I was willing to pay – say – double or even triple, could they make it for me in a nicer pattern?

So this got me thinking. Are there other miraculous pieces of clothing out there? I know (because Stacy and Clinton told me) that some things are more flattering for our figures than others. But what I had to know was… is this an isolated incident?

Inquiring minds want to know.

So I had this photo taken in the pink dress. Not my most flattering look, but hey, this is a bare-all, no ego blog, right?

And then.

I went searching for the perfect fabric. The perfect design. Could I create a dress that would make me look 40 pounds thinner? Four whole dress sizes? Like the bathing suit? It wouldn’t be easy.

But check this out.

But I’m not charging any $9.95 for this bad boy. If you want one of these, it’s going to cost you…


13 thoughts on “Deceptive advertising? I think not!

  1. An interesting ad. If it looks too good to be true… Also consider the medium the ad was placed in… If it was Cosmopolitan I think it would be a lot more credible.

  2. You’re hilarious; that first pic of you is shocking, how did you do that?!! And how much DO You want for that dress? I’ll take 2.

  3. Hey Geoff! Of course! But frankly, even Cosmo has some crazy claim advertising. Just think about all that diet stuff. 🙂

    GNG – You can borrow my magic dress whenever you want. No charge!

  4. Steakbellie – that would be some sight.

    Ezer – my bro does it for me. I don’t even know how!

    Steve – you are one funny dude.

    Kristin – you weren’t laughing this morning… 🙂

  5. The double thumbs give your secrets away! But could you do that to me so that I could paste it on my fridge as a preventative measure?

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