National Day Diary Project

This release came from the nice folks at This Day in The Life…thought some of you might be interested in participating! (My mom had a diary in the last book!)

This Day is excited to announce the official launch of the National Day Diary Project, something we have long envisioned, and now a reality thanks to our partnership with Colgate’s Lady Speed Stick 24/7. The National Day Diary Project invites women from around the country to post and read day diaries.

There is no limit to the number of participants who can post to the website, and women can submit day diaries for any 24-hour period (unlike the book project, which requires participants to create a day diary on Tuesday, March 27 only!). Among the day diaries created on March 27 and posted to the website, This Day will choose one to feature in our upcoming book This Day in the Life of Working Women (coming out in spring 2008).

To help launch the National Day Diary Project, Joni will be doing a media blitz this Thursday! From El Paso to Greensboro, from Charleston to Las Vegas, Joni will be on TV and radio stations across the country (via satellite) inviting women to visit the website and celebrate their 24/7 lifestyles. Check here for details.

The National Day Diary Project allows us to extend our mission of connecting women: to reveal the individual behind the label; the real person beyond the stereotype. We love the This Day book series, but we never loved having to limit the number of women who could participate in the day diary experience, given our page parameters. And now, thanks to the National Day Diary Project, we don’t have to!

So spread the word to your girlfriends, grandmas, coworkers, mentors … Whose day diary would you like to read? Just send her to the site, or share a day in your own life!


You know I love comments! Comment here. (Does that sound needy?)

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