Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about point-of-purchase (p.o.p.) and in-store signage. I’ve decided that some stores intentionally have vague internal signage so you have to walk the aisles to find what you want and that you will, hopefully, stumble across other items that (now that you see them) you must have.

Admittedly, I am an impulse shopper extraordinaire. End caps. Displays near the register. I’m there. I try. I take a list. But evidently, I have the “oooh, I need that” gene.

But back to the point. I was thrilled to walk into this CVS in Las Vegas. (sidebar: we noticed that there were more Walgreen’s, CVS’s and Rite Aid’s along our way in Vegas than I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, all three on one block. I think we must have seen 25 drug stores in our travels. Maybe more.)

So in this CVS, notice the over shelf signage. It was awesome. I could see from one spot in the center of the store where everything was. Everything. I was looking for a particular toiletry item and it saved me time. And probably to the chagrin of CVS, it kept me from wandering the aisled to see what else I needed.


4 thoughts on “p.o.p.

  1. The idea is more likely to keep you from having to ask a store clerk where the damned thing is.

    Still, they are genius in putting the Liquior in the back of the store. You have to walk past all those great notions to get that 40oz of Crooked I.

    Toys R Us used to do something similar. They sold NameBrand Diapers at a loss or close to it. BUT they put it in the back of the store. As the budget constious Mom dragged her kiddies to the blessed wrappings, She was bombarded with pleas for this toy, or that.

  2. I know as a fact that is why grocery stores don’t have more signage (or my great idea of a self-serve kiosk where you type in the name of what you want and the computer shows what aisle it’s in). And it works , because I keep going back to the same store simply because I know where things are. I don’t want to have to roam the aisles searching for bread crumbs.

  3. If more CVS’s had signage like that then maybe they could be nixed from my personal “DO NOT ENTER” list. As it stands, I simply do not allow myself to go in there due to the go-in-for-two-items-come-out-with-thirty-three dilemma. Great post!

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