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Your guest blogger Andrew here again with another fascinating post (at least I think so) about one of my three favorite subjects – food.

As I am sure you know, my responsibilities in Wendyworld (a great place to live, BTW) include almost all things food related. I take pride in having expanded her food horizons and always look forward to being in charge of planning food related outings when we travel. This trip was no exception. My primary tools are Chowhound, eGullet, the local newspaper’s food section, and to a lesser extent Zagat’s

We had already made reservations for dinner on Friday and Saturday weeks in advance. Those of you know us won’t be surprised, so the challenge was to eat as little as possible in the hotel, and try and stay away from the tourist spots. In case you don’t know, Las Vegas has become a much better town for foodies in the last few years with many famous chefs opening branches in the casinos. Had we the funds, we would have indulged, but we chose to try and find the places more patronized by locals.

Thursday Dinner – Marc’s Restaurant. A modern take on an old style Vegas restaurant. Looked good on the web and in the reviews I found. When I called to see if they could take us for dinner at 6:30, they said ” I think we can squeeze you in”, which ended up being very funny as the place was almost empty when we arrived. It was also the scene of the Rat Pack post, so let me just describe the meal.

Lobster Martini: Chunks of lobster meat, mashed potatoes and truffle oil served in a martini glass. Excellent, nice tender lobster.

Arugula Salad: What more can I say

Orecchiette with Bolognese: great flavor, but slightly thin consistency.

We only ordered one of each, and two martinis, but it was more than enough food.

Highly recommended, if only for our waiter.

Wine: Le Sorgenti, Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2000

Friday breakfast – Tiffany’s Cafe. The first 24 hour restaurant in Las Vegas (and it looks its age) located inside a drug store. Horrible coffee, but great hash brown’s. Order the breakfast muffin, biscuits and gravy, or any other egg dish. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Friday dinner – Rosemary’s Restaurant . This was the big one, the meal I had been waiting for. Highly recommended and a less expensive alternative to the big name restaurants on the Strip. I had the tasting menu with paired wines. The best part of the meal was the parings of the wines with the dishes. While each would have excellent on its own , the combination worked particularly well. Highlights were the salmon tartar and the lamb. Wendy ordered from the dinner menu and had the foie gras appetizer, with the same ice wine as my dessert, seared scallops with a nice white burgundy, and yellow fin tuna au poivre with a Cote de Rhone.

Saturday breakfast – we stumbled on this french bakery purely by accident – we must have good food karma. Bon Jour Bakery on S. Rainbow. Beautiful breads and pastries and one of the best croissants I have has in years.

Saturday dinner – Lotus of Siam is one of those places that you wouldn’t believe if I told you it existed. Consistently ranked as one of the best Thai restaurants in the U.S. I love really spicy food, and so does Wendy. We were not disappointed. I have included the degree of spiciness we ordered with 10 being the hottest

Northern Style Tom Kah Kai (Spicy Chicken Soup – 5: Wow. I love the version with coconut milk, but this was as good or better.

PLA KOONG (Shrimp Spicy Salad)- 6: We really were starting to turn up the heat with this one. When I really start to get a good sweat going, you know the heat is there

Nam-Prik-Noom (Green Chili Dip) – 7: No choice on the minimum heat level here. One thing that is unique with Thai food is that the heat builds over time. So the first bite may be deceiving, but after a few minutes hold on. Great flavor, and one of the hottest things I have ever eaten.

GREEN CURRY w chicken – 3: After that last one we need to cool down before dessert, and this green curry was excellent.

Not only was the restaurant great, but they had a nice wine list too. While our usual drink with Thai food is Singha beer, we had a really nice dry German Riesling with this meal.

All in all, a great food trip. If you get a chance, please try any or all of these places.


One thought on “The Food Blog

  1. Andrew: When Rich and I dined with you and Wendy you certainly know the great places. We are up to eating out with you two anytime we are in town. (Your company enhances any food experience, to be sure!)

    Paula L.

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