Passover thoughts.

Passover is about freedom. Freedom from slavery and breaking out of our constraints, real and imagined. And personal freedom.

Matisyahu (yes, the singer) said, “We think of slavery as someone else enslaving us, but in truth, we are often the ones enslaving ourselves. We are so busy being influenced by money, by society, by external pressures, that our true identity and abilities can be hidden.”

So I want to wish everyone a great Passover. I hope we all (those who celebrate and those who don’t!) can find personal and universal freedom!


(Did I mention you get 4 glasses of wine with dinner?)


2 thoughts on “Passover thoughts.

  1. 4 glasses of wine? I’m in.

    Peace to you also. Have a great holiday!

    (Subliminal message: taaaaaake picturrrrres)

  2. Five, if you, er, help with Elijah’s while cleaning up dishes. (Not that I would ever think to do that…!
    Hope you had a great evening with your full house!

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