I’m just an old-fashioned girl.

I think people are nicer when they write by hand. I think that handwritten notes are appreciated and treasured. I think that taking the effort to write a note makes the writer content, too.

This is my favorite pen. It’s a glass stylus and it was given to me as a gift with the rest and the beautiful burgundy ink you see. When I write with it, I feel special.

You have to work harder to say the right thing. There’s no white-out. No backspace. No erasers. It’s worth the effort – your words looks so beautiful on a great piece of paper or stationery.

Funny thing. I was given this lovely gift by an old friend of mine for my birthday. I’ll call him Alan – because his name is Alan. I opened the box and gushed. I love this pen. I also knew (sorry Alan, if you read this) that he could not have picked it. It was chosen by a woman – a thoughtful and classy woman. Most likely, his girlfriend, Beth. Though this might have been before her time, so it could have been the girlfriend before her – but we like her best, so I’ll just pretend to myself that Beth picked it.

Alan surely knows me well enough to know that I’d love a pen/ink set. I have always written notes and I used to do quite a bit of calligraphy. Sometimes for hire. But what man would think that a female friend would be excited over a pen/ink set? None that I know. And besides, I know him. He’s always had people in his life do his shopping. He doesn’t have the patience.

Still, I love this pen. Sometimes, I think about whom I can write to – just so I can write a real, penned letter.

I can’t imagine writing anything except the kindest, most considerate things with this beautiful pen.


8 thoughts on “I’m just an old-fashioned girl.

  1. I can’t imagine you writing anything but the kindest, most considerate things, regardless of the implement although a special pen is just that, special.

    I love this post!

    I personally love nice paper and nice notecards. And I love writing notes when I have them in my possession, even if my handwriting is less than stellar.

  2. We brought the same pen and ink set home from Venice for Rob’s oldest. There is something so amazing about an elegent pen.

  3. writing is a lost art – writing with a nice hand and pen more so. It’s sad but nice to know that there are still people who treasure it.

  4. My sentiments exactly. I still love to write and receive hand-written notes. There is a sense of class and consideration that nothing else matches. I may have a surprise for you, my little friend.

    Paula L.

  5. Here I am a pen lover, and I have one of those glass pens, and have been too afraid to actually use it! Duh! Doh!

  6. And, I’m left-handed, so handwriting has always been something of a torture for me. Not to deprive you of your pleasure, but I’m grateful for the ability to type.

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