RIP clothes dryer.

After nursing our clothes dryer for a while, it was finally time to let it go. So much was wrong with it, it didn’t pay to fix it….again.

And the bright side is that the boys have another huge box to play with! They’re out back now painting the new toll booth….


5 thoughts on “RIP clothes dryer.

  1. aurgh, the heating element (or something) is out on my dryer right now. One trip to the laundromat so far, gotta get that repairman back in. If I have to get a new one, I know where to send the box.

  2. my kids were playing with a box that held 13 pounds of matzo in it. yaakov said, “oh, i wanted to save that box,” and i said, “yeah, but now it’s the transmogrifier.” (calvin and hobbes)

    boxes are fun!

  3. Hey, what a great idea! Charge kids tolls to cut through your yard. Your property taxes should be offset in no time!

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