A friend and I started running last week. We’re doing the Couch Potato to 5K plan…

I ran track in high school. Not well, mind you. A friend dared me. Well, actually, he said, “I bet you can’t run a mile.” And I joined the track team to prove him wrong. I never won a race. But I perservered. I ran. And ran and ran.

That guy? He married a triathelete. I guess he just liked girls who ran.

After high school, I never ran again.

But I’m very proud of myself. I went 1-3/4 miles today.

There’s a charity 5K in June that lots of my friends are signed up for. I’m thinking about doing it.

I’m either optimistic or crazy.

Or both.

Note: The picture is not me or my friend. We just wish we could look happy and calm (not to mention in perfect shape) like that when we run!


4 thoughts on “5K….

  1. Yeah Wendy! I just started running in January – ran never a day in my life until then. I’m to 10 miles a week. Not a lot, but it’s great and I’m doing my first 5k next Month!

  2. Congratulations! You’re doing great. Beware of long-term effects. One of my classmates is 60 and he was a runner for about 30 years. His knees are now shot.

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