Yesterday, we went to HersheyPark. We rode on roller coasters, ate chocolate and junk food, and had an all-around good time. It was the perfect Spring day – 80 degrees with a cool breeze. And to top it off, it was Northrup Grumman Day (we have friends who work there including one of Andrew’s SOB biker friends) and the tickets were extremely inexpensive compared to the regular admission price.

By the way, those candy characters really do walk around the park. Don’t you think that’s weird? Who wants to talk to candy? But I digress.

When I was in 7th grade, my friend Sarah asked me if I wanted to ask a date (she suggested Howie – who likely does not go by Howie anymore) and go to HersheyPark with her and her date, Benjie. (I know for a fact that he’s just plain Ben now – and that he’s still extremely handsome.)

I was not a particularly mature 12 year old. I was not comfortable with the idea of going on a date at all, and the thought of a 8-10 hour ordeal was more than I could manage. So I said no, thank you. It was really hard to do that. I remember feeling really pressured to say yes…I recall that her parents said she could bring a boy if I brought a boy. And here I was saying I didn’t want to. So I’m sure Sarah was just overjoyed that I messed up her plan.

She was nice about it, I think. We stayed friends for sure – and in fact, we still are. Though I see her only about twice a year, she has been my friend longer than anyone else. Since 1970. We sang together in the 4th grade talent show. That was the year she moved to Baltimore from Wisconsin.

I wonder. Was not going to HersheyPark with a date in 7th grade my first taste of bucking peer pressure? Maybe so.

I wouldn’t say that my junior high and high school years were free of influence from my friends, but I would say that I was always my own person and I made my own decisions. Some weren’t perfect. Okay, some really stunk. But they were mine. All mine.

I see my boys growing up and I hope that if I can give them anything, it will be the ability to see the options, assess the risks and benefits, and make good decisions.


6 thoughts on “HersheyPark

  1. and your desire to do so is what i most admire about you as a mother! i can only hope that i do as great a job as you…

  2. I want to talk to candy!
    S-Hello candy!
    C-Hello Steve.
    S-Goodbye candy.
    S-chomp, chomp, chomp – YUM!

    You’re a great mom. They’ll be ok.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth!

    Steve – That might work with the first one, but the word will spread of a Serial Candy Eater…those guys have walkie-talkies!

  4. My mom’s side of the family is from Hershey. We’ve been going to Hershey Park for years. Those “candy people” only appeared in the 70’s, when Hersheypark got all Disneyfied.

    When my mom was in high school, she worked at Herhsey Park. When I was a kid you could still tour the REAL chocolate factory.

  5. You would think that, having ancestors in the area, I would make far less spelling errors on “Hershey Park!”

  6. I don’t think I’d want to talk to the chocolate nurse, but the silver fig might have some interesting things to say!

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