Friends forever.

As I waited for a friend at Katana for lunch today, I overheard a conversation. And I haven’t been able to shake it all day.

These were two old friends. Both women were, by my guess, in their seventies. It was clear they’d known each other a long, long time. The one I could see better was well dressed. Not fancy, but put together. She had short gray hair and thick glasses. She looked like she had a weight on her shoulders.

Seems she is moving away. Away from her friend.

Her daughter, Kendra I think, has insisted she move closer so she can keep an eye on her. Help her. I heard a bit of sarcasm in the woman’s voice.

She doesn’t want to go. She still lives independently. She’s lonesome sometimes – now that her husband is gone. But she has her friends. And a lot to do here.

But she realizes that she will need more support at some point. And that if she waits until then, it might be too late to move.

I felt so sad. And since I was eavesdropping, I had to keep a stoic face. Look busy.

And then.

The woman said to her friend that her daughter says she’ll make new friends where she’s going.

And with a sigh I could feel across the room, she explained that while she might make some new acquaintances, she’d never make a friend like this friend. And that when it comes down to it, a real friend will be there no matter what and no matter when. But a new friend will be there if it’s convenient.

And then my friend showed for lunch.


2 thoughts on “Friends forever.

  1. It was sad to read about her. No doubt that their friendship bond was very strong. And at this age, it is never fickle. I wish her luck and hope that she finds a way to keep in touch with her old friend. God bless!

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