Mark my words.

Today is the anniversary of my first marriage.

Today is the anniversary of my first divorce. (And, Andrew…I’m not expecting to have a second!) Seriously, in Maryland, you apply, do the process, blah, blah, blah and the papers show up dated. They were dated April 24th.

Funny how the universe rounded this out for me.

A few things I can finally get off my chest. I didn’t want a wedding. Yet, we had one. I didn’t want to wear a wedding dress, and yet, I wore this monstrosity. Seriously, it had a bubble hem. I am not kidding.

I didn’t like the photographer from the first time I met him. Clearly, his talent and creativity wasn’t what got him business, either. Why did we hire him? I have no idea.

The going-away photo. Clever. What I do like about this picture is that I loved my outfit. And the shoes were a radical departure. Fun. Okay, fine – it’s totally dated! But this was the 80’s.

Notice how the ex-hub tried the funky shoe choice, too. Somehow, it didn’t work for me. It was kind of like marrying Pat Boone.

Oh, the memories.

This day was the best and happiest of all our married time together.

Sad, but true.


16 thoughts on “Mark my words.

  1. Man, all the stuff we did that we didn’t want to do! If someone tried to force a dress we didn’t like on us now, we would shoo them away like pidgeons, without blinking an eye.

    (Fun to see the pix)

  2. Wendy, are you SURE we are not related? God, I didn’t want a wedding (or an engagement ring) but I gave in because my parents wanted to give me a wedding. To this day, I wish we had eloped. At least it took and we are still together. You had to try it twice before you ended up with the great husband you have.

    Paula L.

  3. thank you for sharing this personal side of yourself.

    mazal tov on your divorce.

    mazal tov for andrew and 3 your beautiful boys.

  4. Paula – eerie!

    Steakbellie & Maven – thanks! I do have an awesome life now!

    Megan – unfortunately, long gone. I do have an amazing orange pair…spiked heels, pointy toes… yours to borrow if you want!

  5. Hey.
    Funny you should say that was the happiest day … Hub and I always laugh when supposedly happy couples say their wedding was “the happiest day of our lives” because how very sad. We like to say our wedding was the LEAST happiest day of our married lives … every day since has gotten better.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww ….

    Oh AND, I think you should tell the story of your engagement.

    oh AND AND … that was one big jacket – shoulder pads I’m assuming

  6. Neil – the perfect ending to a perfectly wrong marriage.

    Ezer – thanks. I am blessed. ANd it was SO the 80’s! Yikes.

    Jenne – I’ll save that story for another time. But yes, it’s a whopper. And back then? What was a jacket without behemouth shoulder pads!

    ONE MORE THING: I spoke to my mom. She thinks everyone thinks SHE made me have a wedding. She didn’t. (though she was glad I did) It was the guy. He wanted a wedding. My dad was willing to pay us off and everything, but the soon to be ex-hub wanted a wedding. C’est la vie.

  7. i ended up with a husband who wanted the big white wedding, too. me? i wanted to elope to mexico (or, at the very least, have a wedding on the beach with only family members). and our wedding definitely (!) wasn’t the best day of our lives. how sad if that’s true.

  8. Jenne’ stole my story! But seriously, today IS the best day of my life, I’m not even kidding. Until tomorrow… 🙂

    He’s no Mitch Dahne!
    Now that guy is H.O.T. HOT!
    HH & I used to talk about what a
    loser “Mr. Whiteshoes” was.
    We figured he was a master at

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