Live and let die.

The boys (and Andrew) are watching Live and Let Die. It’s the 7th Bond movie they’ve seen together. My guys are hooked. They want to see every one…they’ve made a list and are crossing them off one by one.

I might have mentioned in passing that Andrew has a huge collection of vintage James Bond books. So I guess I know where the kids got the gene….

And while I’m on the subject I have to ask….

Sean Connery?
Roger Moore?
Pierce Brosnan?
Daniel Craig?
or one of those other guys…?


5 thoughts on “Live and let die.

  1. Daniel Craig before Sir Sean. I was NEVER interested in anything having to do with James Bond (except when Duran Duran did the theme song for a “View to a Kill”) until Daniel Craig came along. The movie and the man were AWESOME!

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