The universal language.

Music. It’s amazing how it can bring people together.

My kids want to know about Paul McCartney and Wings because of Live and Let Die. My mother loves the new CD I bought, Brandi Carlile’s The Story. (It is pretty awesome.) I’ve been amazed over the last few years how much my mom and I agree on music. No, she does not love The Dead. Or John Prine or Springsteen or Sean Paul. But she really does like a lot of the same music I do. And not just the sappy stuff.

Over coffee after Shabbat dinner tonight, we were talking about Elvis. I got my little JBL speaker thingie and my iPod and brought it to the dining room table and played In The Ghetto for my dad. He couldn’t place it without hearing it. He recognized it immediately. He remembered it from years back. I mentioned how handsome I thought Elvis was in his prime. My mother did not agree. Not her type. Well, we can’t agree on everything, I suppose.

The boys like to listen to a radio station that plays all the hits. I don’t mind it at all. Honestly, I like a lot of it. It’s really interesting to me how much they know about the artists, the songs, pop culture. They seem so little to me… and yet, they know so much. I guess they are more saturated in media than I was at that age. Yes, I listened to American Top 40 (where the heck IS Casey Casum? Is he 100 years old by now?). But I don’t remember knowing much about the artists except the ones in Tiger Beat.

Tiger Beat? It is still published? Yikesorama! Who’d have guessed. Well, without David Cassidy and Leif Garrett, how cool can it be anyway?

Yes, I realize this is a rambling post. Could be the wine. We went to a wine tasting at IM Wine today and bought a lovely Cabernet – Honig from Napa Valley (2004) and polished that off and here I am writing. Perhaps not my clearest moment.

But you should have seen me just minutes before I sat down here… flipping through the hundreds of record albums we own (we do have a turntable!) looking for Band on The Run. Couldn’t find it. But I did pull out some amazing record to listen to later on…

The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle
Rock ‘N’ Roll High School
Best of the Bee Gees
Crown of Creation
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

So after the kids go to bed (soon?) I’ll be settling down by the stereo and playing some of my old favorites with my honey.

Should be nice.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


5 thoughts on “The universal language.

  1. Here’s a laugh for you. I was at the Sugarloaf craft show yesterday, and as I was talking to a potter, I heard the live entertainment in the background and commented, “Wow, that really sounds like Neil Young.” The potter replied, (with a half-blank stare, I might add), “I’m only 34. I think I’ve heard the name, but that’s about it. And I was raised on country all the way.”
    Well. I guess my comment dated myself. And I thought Neil would have transcended through the generations, like the Dead and McCartney. Ouch.
    p.s. I especially thought of you, knowing your thoughts on Neil….. 😦

  2. A few years ago I discovered a way to connect with my Dad through music. I’d burn him a pile, he’d tear through those discs while sitting out on the deck, staring up at the stars, and soak it all in. I think some Coors Lights had a hand in impacting him, but the connection was there nonetheless.

    It was nice to get a phone call every once in awhile from him and my brother, enjoying a mix I’d sent along, or some Johnny Cash, or Damien Rice, or Moby, or whatever I thought he might like. I felt like my job had been done.

    Is Neil Young a yay, or a nay?

    Remember when you knew every band on the Top 40 Countdown? I like to think I’m pretty with it, and I couldn’t tell you ten bands.

    That Brandi Carlile is quite good. Maybe I’ll send him that…

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