Happy Anniversary.

Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of the S.O.B.. I couldn’t go on the ride. Why, you ask? Because Andrew’s bike doesn’t have a back seat. I could pout and pretend that it makes me sad, but the truth is, I hate riding on the back. (I was going to call it by the name that everyone calls riding on the back, but I fear that some might think it inappropriate.)

Some of you might know I have my motorcycle license. I used to have a bike. But I sold it after Davis was born. Hanging with these folks last night (I went to the party, of course!) made me want one again. It sure would be nice…..

A few comments about the party.

The trivia games included “who is the Jew, who is the bigot” with some pretty tough questions. Other questions were about NASCAR drivers, hunting, electrical work…you get the picture. Andrew did respectably well, but alas… he did not win.

Notice all the chaps? Can I get a pair if I start riding again? (All those walking lunges better start to pay off!)

The house where the party was is historic building, dating back to the late 1700’s. I got the tour. Really cool house. Our host told us all kinds of neato stuff about the house. And I checked into the history a bit more and found out that the original owners had sixteen children in the home. SIXTEEN kids? And I think I’m tired.

There was a guy there cooking and serving Pit Beef. I love that stuff. And I just found out it’s a regional thing. Anyone out there had it before? It’s great!

Fun was had by all. It was great to see all the people Andrew hangs with…they’re some terrific and real people.

Thanks Flo for the photos!


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary.

  1. Not sure about anyone else, but I can’t view that Scrapblog; it just keeps loading and loading…it’s a duracell scrapblog.

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