Andrew went to La Jolla.

And all I got was a Hanky Panky thong.
(okay, seriously I do really like it. But isn’t that a weird present from a business trip?)

10 thoughts on “Andrew went to La Jolla.

  1. If he’d gone to Hillcrest (or F Street downtown/PB), he’d have brought you back some even more interesting things.

    La Jolla (pronounced “Joll-a”) doesn’t have very many interesting shops, IMHO (unless you like Gucci, Chanel, etc) but it does have the museum of modern art (and Spike & Mike’s twisted festival of animation).

    Tell him to go to Babbette Schwartz’ in Hillcrest next time. Lots of cool gifts there.

  2. Wendy, it tells me that he may have REALLY missed you, and thought of you a LOT! I think they are cool.

    Paula L.

  3. Wendy: I just showed this blog to Rich and like man, his logic did not match mine. His reaction to the thongs? Maybe Andrew found them in his suitcase, and thought “how do I get out of THIS one” and decided to give you a GIFT!!!

    Paula L.

  4. Beautiful as your present is, I have to agree that it’s an unusual present from a business trip. But being a positive person myself — as I believe you must be as well –I’d take the gift as a HUGE compliment and an “I missed you like crazy” gift!


  5. Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

    Warm Regards

    Biby Cletus – Blog

  6. Paula – You’re right. And Rich is such a guy!

    GNG – Today is HNT, but the chance of me modeling my gift on the blog? NO WAY!

    Janet – Odd, but sweet?

    Biby – Thank you for stopping by!

    Seriously, Andrew’s meetings were with a bunch of high powered execs – including the CEO of Hanky Panky. She gave them all undies! So he brought it home for me. (They aren’t his size…)

  7. I love them. Can I borrow them??? Need ’em more than you….I think it’s fabulous. The Bob man always did stuff like that. Keeps it hot.

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