A day at the museum.

Today, Reed and I went to the Geppi Entertainment Museum. He was invited because he (and the entire 3rd grade) wrote and illustrated a comic for a pilot program last year. Our school was one of 8 that participated. Reed was one of just a few whose art was included in the press kit for the press conference today that announced the Maryland initiative to use comics in the school curriculum. Evidently, the pilot program was a success.

So we (along with another kid and his mom) drove to Camden Yards where the museum is located. We had no idea what to expect. The museum is new, so we hadn’t been there before. And though we knew this was a press event and reception, that could mean anything. (I’m in the business, remember? There’s a big range of what this could have been!)

This is one of the displays. There were so many, I can’t tell you. And comic books galore. Really a lot. Really, really a lot. In fact, we saw a first edition of the first Superman comic. Reed told me it’s worth $500K. Every pop culture icon from my childhood was there. And lots from before my time and since my childhood. There was even a Julia lunchbox. And a Skipper doll. And Howdy Doody and the Hamburgler and… well, you gotta see this place.

Reed got to shake hands with Steve Geppi (who started the museum, owns Diamond Distributors and part of the the Orioles). It was cool. Geppi even signed a book I bought – so we can remember the day.

And here, Reed tests out his special powers…
It was just that kind of day.

Okay, had to include this. I had never heard of it, but it cracked me up. I can’t wait to go back to the museum with the rest of the family. There is so much there to see! (And hey, they gave us passes to come back – not to mention all the kids who came today walked away with comic books and other goodies!)


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