Carlos H. Schenck, author of Sleep: The Mysteries, the Problems and the Solutions says that some time during adulthood 58 percent of Americans suffer with insomnia.

I was up all night. All night. Seriously, all night. I’ve been dealing with insomnia since college. For the past year, I’ve been on medication for it. Clearly, it doesn’t help all the time.

But back to Dr. Schenck. He writes in his book about all kinds of sleep disorders. Sleep walking, eating, talking… You know the drill. But here’s a new one.


This is clearly more of a guy issue with 80 percent of documented cases being male.

Well, duh.


7 thoughts on “Insomnia.

  1. Its amazing how many people can’t sleep. I was up all night two nights ago. Do you at least get work done? I end up staring at the ceiling all night. Very unproductive.

  2. if i don’t take my sleeping pill (tylenol’s simply sleep), then i wake up between 2-3am and am usually awake for an hour or two.

    i forgot to take my pill last night. wish i’d known you were up; we could have gone for a drink 😉

  3. 3:00 – 4:00 a.m. Unusual for me, actually, but insomnia did get me in the wee hours this morning. Could’ve chatted with you. Or, another few of us, and we could have started poker early! Here’s to yet one more excuse for losing tonight…

  4. Melissa – I used to get work done when it was every night. Now I just get bummed out.

    Kristin – sounds like a plan. We could have called Laurie to join us, it seems!

  5. OK, what Kristin and Wendy need is a Polarity treatment with Reflexology thrown in. And I am just the person to do it!! You’ll need to come here or buy me a table so when I visit you, I can do my magic!!!
    There is a product called Moon Drops and they are all natural and help me when I can’t sleep. Also, a wonderful salve called Badger Balm that I put on my temples and hands. I hate to tell you this, but HORMONES play a huge part in sleeplessness. As if you hadn’t figured that out. The other thing I like to take whenever I can’t sleep is a Margarita. Snort.

    Paula L.

  6. Me too. Up all night. Hate it.

    Laughed right out loud about the sexsomnia… talk about being up all night!


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