Thirteen reasons to be happy.

1) I won big at poker last night. (Big is a relative term.)

2) I slept 4 hours last night. (Again, happy in a relative way!)

3) I got to help my mom with something today.

4) I spent a little time with my dad.

5) Andrew grilled salmon and pan fried brussel sprouts for me. Yum!

6) I’m having a wonderful glass of wine.

7) We have a quiet evening planned with the kids.

8) All the papers in my office are filed.

9) A friend gave me a bootleg Bonnie Raitt CD – Rainbow Room, Philly 1972. Wow.

10) Another friend lent me some great books this week. Now to find some reading time…

11) One of my nieces turned 17 today, another niece turns 10 and another niece turns 19 tomorrow! I love birthdays.

12) I got a funny postcard in the mail today from a friend. Fun!

13) My in-laws sent me the nicest Mothers’ Day card.


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