Just in time for mother’s day….

I finished a big project today, so by mid-afternoon I was ready to get some things done. I went to the central library to get the books the kids had requested and an audiobook for a roadtrip tomorrow. They didn’t have everything I needed, but checked and found out that the eastern branch had the rest…so I got back in the minivan and went to the other library. Score.

Our friends are moving today, so I wanted to take some snacks over there. Check. I got an email from a wine store we frequent that a really nice shiraz was in. So I zoomed over there and bought the last few bottles.

And I pulled up to the house at the same time as the school bus.

A successful run, yes?


Max’s Young Author’s Tea was at 2:30. I missed it. Totally forgot.

So while they have the books they need and I cheered a friend, I disappointed my little guy.

Just in time for Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Just in time for mother’s day….

  1. Jodie is right…I think every one of us has done this at least twice! Maybe for EACH kid we have. You will be harder on yourself for this than your boy ever will be. Chin up, Wendy. Don’t overlook the other 99% of the time that you are a GREAT Mom.

    Paula L.
    p.s. Kristin’s Dad once left her downtown at her gymnastic class (she was maybe 8?) and walked in the door at 6:00 at when I asked him where she was, he turned white, and said “I forgot to get her” and drove back downtown (20 miles from our house) driving at 80 mph, while I cried!!! She got over it, we got over it. Now it’s a cute story. Time heals.

  2. Well from the friend that got the snacks- I’d have to say that an extra big THANKS. Remember, through thick and thin you are the best mother and friend around!
    Love ya!

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