All in.

You all know I play poker. But you may not know that there is some pretty stiff competition right here in my own house. Yes, folks. It’s true.

So tonight, after a yummy dinner at my parents’ house and a fun ride for the kids up and down the hallways in my dad’s scooter (no, not the Vespa type…) and some Tawny Port… we came home, got in pjs, and…. set up the card table!

You might be surprised to know that my guys are naturals. They kept me on my toes tonight. I did manage to turn the game around, but it was touch and go for a while.

Reed went all in with a bluff hand and I ended up with 4 of a kind. That clinched the deal…

All I know is that nothing is more fun than playing with the boys…


2 thoughts on “All in.

  1. My goodness, they’re playing so fast you can’t even see their hands! When I come over, I think I’ll play it safe and be the cocktail waitress.
    “What’ll it be, fella, a shirley temple or a kiddie cocktail?” will be my line.

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