I’d rather not.

We went to see Shrek the Third. As you can imagine, others had the same idea. We found a row that looked good and it had 1 too few seats together (there were 6 of us). Luckily, after the 5 seats, there was a mom and her daughter and then 2 more empty seats. So Andrew asked her if she’d mind moving down 1 seat so we could fit.

And she said….

No, I’d rather not.


We were flabbergasted. Flabbergasted, I say.

Later on (after we found seats, that is), I looked over and noticed that all the seats around this woman and her kid were full. So if she was aiming for some extra space, not going to happen. If she was just too important to move…

Well, I just don’t know what to say.


7 thoughts on “I’d rather not.

  1. That is just so rude.

    You should have sat half on each side of her and then ask them to pass things back and forth!

  2. i am constantly amazed at the extent of people’s rudeness. what thing to do – especially in front of her daughter. and we wonder why children have no manners these days! (except yours!!)
    was the movie at least worth it?

  3. My response is exactly the same as Jodie’s. “Okay, we’ll just sit on either side. I hope you don’t mind how much I talk. Or how loud.” I have no patience for rudeness.

  4. Jodie’s idea is the best! I may use that one in the future sometime.

    The movie theater we go to (the arclight in Hollywood) assigns seats so this problem never happens.
    Plus you don’t have to get to a show too early just to camp out for good seats – you can buy them online in advance.

  5. I love Jodie’s idea! Thank you all for your comments. I was just so surprised about this encounter.

    Mary – really? Assigned seats?! I love it. Maybe we should move to LA….

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