Lunch, anyone?

Andrew was away yesterday and a package came for him. My curiosity was great, but I left it alone. What else could I do? Tamper with the U.S. Mail? Never.

Today, when he got back in town, I had already forgotten about it. So imagine my surprise when he presented me with….

A Julia lunchbox! Just like the one I had in 3rd grade. Wow, he really does listen to me. (Who knew?) I wrote about my old lunchbox here last August. And I suppose I mentioned it a time or two.

After all, I was the only student at Winand Elementary with that particular lunchbox.

And now, I have one again.

Wasn’t it so sweet of him to seek this out and get it for me?

Thanks, Honey. I love it!


9 thoughts on “Lunch, anyone?

  1. what a great reward for not tampering with the mail! and how very sweet of andrew to track it down for you!!

  2. The joys of e-bay! I abhor Paypal I refuse to use it and it’s probably a good thing or I’d be spending WAY too much time and money trying to reconstruct my childhood and adolescence.

  3. I am sure I had that lunchbox, too. My mother still talks about it! Maybe I copied you because you were the coolest!

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