I have a big project due tomorrow. And a long list of smaller tasks. Oh, and I have to call my cell phone provider.

So what do I do?


I’ve always been this way. I need a clean space to be able to concentrate on my work. I had the cleanest apartment in college. Seriously, it was spotless. Well, not where my roommate Liz cleaned her diaphram on the kitchen counter with cornstarch. Okay, sorry, you probably didn’t need to know that. I wonder if that trauma is the reason I hate to cook.

But I digress.

It’s sad when I break from cleaning to blog. Double stall method.

I’ve reached a new low.

But the countertops sure are spotless.


2 thoughts on “Naturally.

  1. oyyyy…i don’t think i’ll ever view cornstarch the same way again. why, wendy, why?

    anyway, i’m like you. i need a clean house before i can move on to other projects, even if they are mental ones.

    as for stalling-by-blogging, yep, i’m doing that right now. i should be cleaning, too.

  2. I read somewhere that if nothing else gets done, you should at least keep your kitchen sink sparkling. For some reason, it stuck with me, and it’s the one thing I have to do when I need to get other things done.

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