Thirteen Happy Things This Week So Far (And it ain’t easy to come up with that many, trust me. It’s been a heckofa week.)

1) I sent over 60 pounds of beanie babies this week alone to Iraq. (Thanks to all who’ve donated them! I have another 2 boxes to send!)

2) Speaking of Beanies, Gnightgirl wrote on her blog that Brian (her son) wrote this to her:

hey! the phones aren’t working right now so i thought that id drop you a line.[…] things here are good. something different everyday. the kids love the beanies. we go through however many you guys send in about one missions time. Other trucks in the convoy ask for them too so that they can throw them out.

Cool, huh?

3) Andrew made soft-shell crabs the other night.

4) Only 10 more days of school.

5) The weather is perfect.

6) I’m going on a trip in less than 24,000 minutes to see my best friend.

7) Reed didn’t hurt Max very much when he hit him with the baseball bat. (Evidently, Max wasn’t listening. Think that helped?)

8) We are going to a crab feast this weekend. If you’re not from around here, this is what they’re like

9) It’s gym shut-down week. Every year, they clean it up and put some new equipment in. I’ve been walking with a friend instead and it’s been really nice.

10) I got a pedicure!

11) I ordered tons of office supplies online and they’ve already been delivered.

12) I finished a challenging project. Finally.

13) There’s enough hot water left after 4 showers for me!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Really cool list!

    Crabs…oooohhhh! Can’t get good crabmeat easily over here.

    I got to go to a company outing in St Michael’s, MD about 7 years ago. I ate crabmeat 3 times a day for 3 days straight! It was 3 of the best days of my life!

    And I learned about soft-shelled crabs when I was living in Houston — from my ex-in-laws in Mobile, Alabama. Growing up in the Midwest, I’d never heard of them before…let alone eaten any seafood other than shrimp cocktails and fried catfish!


  2. I love you to death, sending beanies to our babies in Iraq. And I’m half tempted to grab a ticket RIGHT NOW and go to that crab fest with you! yum!

  3. I’m not a fan of crabs, but those pictures remind me of science lab in high school. If I come to MD will you dissect a crab for me so I don’t have to do it?

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