Shhh! Don’t tell.

I have an earth shattering business tip to share. Are you sitting down?

Okay, here goes.

Tell your customers what you do.

I don’t mean what they already come to you for. I mean the other stuff.

For instance, say you’re a teacher. You’ve taught our kids for years. We need a tutor. Do we know you do that also? If not, we’ll find someone else. Right?

So here’s what happened.

I took the boys for an orthodontic evaluation. The orthodontist was recommended by a friend, also an orthodontist. We really liked her. She recommended (okay brace yourselves) quite a bit of orthodontic work for 2 out of 3 of our boys.

She told me she was sending the info and reco to the boys’ dentist.

So I called the dentist and wanted to go see him to get confirmation and his opinion. Now, mind you, he has told me at every appointment what he thought about whether the boys would need braces. He made it seem unlikely.

So, we went. He said that one probably needed some expanders but nothing radical and the other may or may not need anything. He recommends waiting.

So I asked what he thought of the orthodontist we saw. He said he doesn’t know her work well. I asked who he typically recommends.

And that’s when it happened.

He does orthodontic work. He recommends himself.

I was stunned. Why didn’t I know this?

I am guilty of not reading his brochure-ware, but hey, who does?

I picked up a brochure on my way out. It does not say anything about kids’ braces. It says ‘cosmetic dentistry’ but to me, that is different. Maybe it’s not. But it sure as heck wasn’t obvious.

I went to the website. It’s on the header (hard to read) and there is a section about orthodontic facts. But honestly, have YOU ever gone to your dentist’s website? Why would I?

So there you have it. He almost lost a customer because he never told me what he does.

Lesson for today.


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