Knights at noon.

So, are you brave enough to come to my son’s party, asks Sarah, the mom. First, we’ll give you sustenance (organic, vegetarian sustenance, but sustenance all the same – and some fried chicken for the carnivores in the bunch. Yum!) and beer.

Aye. I am ready, says Sir Andrew.

And I am ready too. Well, kind of.

King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and a really homely maiden lead the charge. Close ups follow….

Fair maiden? Yikes.

The handsome and brave Sir Lancelot.

The noble King. (And father of the birthday boy. And it was his birthday yesterday, too!)

The knights try to take the others’ castle. It got a wee bit wild.

Break for some cool refreshments.

And now, the jousting will begin.

A sight to see. Only one kid left the field crying. I’d say that’s good odds.

And then, the pinata yielded candy and prizes.

It was a great day. We left tired and hot. Well, Reed & Max weren’t hot — they ran through the sprinkler and were sopping wet!

Was it worth the 1-1/2 hour drive each way to this foreign land? Absolutely.


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