Half of a century.

Our friend Mark was born a half century ago. Fortunately for us, he still can muster the energy to throw a great party. (Did I mention his wife was very young = around my age?)

Here is said lovely wife, Julie. Now might be a good time to discuss the camera problem. Yes, the camera phone. I don’t want to bore you with the saga of my phone (unless you really want to hear – then call me!) but I had finally gotten all the camera settings right when that last phone croaked and now this new one? As you can see, I have not perfected the settings on this one. I apologize for the fuzzy shots. But perhaps you could close your eyes about 1/8 of the way and pretend that you’ve had several beers. That might make them look just a wee bit better.

The eating begins. For those of you who don’t partake in the steamed crab thang – sorry. Some of the following photos are a little graphic.

Not this one. Just a crowd shot. Whew.

Mmmm. Dinner.

Okay, apologies to Fran but this made me laugh. The photo is so blurry (my fault, of course) but to me it looked like she was eating so fast that the picture blurred. Hee hee.

Here is what she really looks like. And she doesn’t eat all that fast at all. Really. And she didn’t pay me to say that.

Ahh, the birthday boy (at 50, we may need another term?) and his old friend, Scott.

More tasty crabs.

Pam and Kent. You’ve seen them before — at a wonderful dinner at Kinkead’s.

And whatever you say, it’s not Ellen’s fault.


5 thoughts on “Half of a century.

  1. Hey, you must have just put that up because I just read the post about the birthday party and it was at the top of the page!

    A great crab-eating party for all. We had the Citizen’s 40th birthday party yesterday. No crabs though, just home-smoked pulled pork, burgers and hot dogs. Oh yeah, and beer. Lots of beer.

  2. That closing the eyes 1/8 the way really works! I’m yealous, I want to eat crabs.

    Happy Birthday to Mark. (we ARE much younger.)

  3. YUM…those crab photos are great, whether perfectly in focus or not!

    Thanks for sharing the fast-paced party with all of us!


  4. Happy birthday to the Citizen, Junebee! Sounds fun….

    GNG – yup the closing your eyes trick works every time. I keep telling you to come out this way. I promise to take you out for crabs!

    Janet – thanks! You are too kind. Do you get steamed crabs over there?

  5. Wendy, there are probably steamed crabs SOMEWHERE over here, but I haven’t found them yet. In fact, the only three places I’ve ever had them were in NYC (several times, when I lived there), that time in St Michael’s, and last year when John and I were in Seattle.


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