Have a little patience.

I love that song by Guns & Roses. Okay, I admitted it. Here’s another confession on that track, I think Axl Rose is hot.

But this post is not about heavy metal. And it’s not about the dream I had that one time where Axl…. oh wait, I’m off track.

This is about us. All of us.

We need to relax.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we communicate with each other. When you get an email, you feel like an immediate response is needed, right? When your phone rings, you need to answer it.

I’m as guilty or guiltier than anyone.

When you get a letter, do you rip it open immediately? Do you grab a pen and paper and write back on the spot?

Me neither.

Sometimes, we need time to think. To respond.

Sometimes, we have better things to do.

Sometimes, we don’t want to be found. It’s so easy to track someone down. But should we? Is it really that important?

Back in the olden days, a letter would come on horseback. When it got there, it got there. Were people inpatient for communications? Maybe, but they had no choice but to wait.

Waiting is good. Wanting is good.

In our right-this-second world, I worry that we’re all becoming so impatient, so unwilling to wait.

We need a little patience.

ooh ooh patience….


One thought on “Have a little patience.

  1. Actually, I type a response to a letter but hand-sign my name. To me, handwriting is the purest form of torture. Plus my mind thinks way faster than my hand can write.

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