I was cleaning out Reed’s drawers this evening (you would not believe some of the icky things I found) and when I opened the bottom drawer, this is what I saw.

George. Curious George.

Reed slept with him, ate with him, rode with him. Reed and George were tight.

When Reed started preschool, we thought George should stay home. And he did. He stayed on Reed’s bed eagerly awaiting his friend’s return. Reed would run to get the monkey the minute we’d walk in the house. And he’d carry him everywhere.

So why was I surprised at the preschool conference when Mora Tzippi asked me to tell her about Reed’s best friend?

We were new to town. Reed was a man of few words. Seriously, he barely spoke. So what friend did she mean?

Tzippi went on to tell me that Reed talked about his friend and all the things they do together. She told me in great detail. I must have looked very puzzled. And then she mentioned the friend’s name. George.

Well, maybe laughing out loud was not the most mature and maternal response. But it was hilarious! Reed, who didn’t talk except when extremely necessary, had his teacher convinced he had a friend named George who did all kinds of funny and fun things.

So when I told her that George was a stuffed monkey, she was not convinced. Seriously, she said, “No, I mean George. Reed’s friend.”

So tonight when I was cleaning out his drawers in preparation for packing him for 2 weeks of overnight camp, I was lulled into a memory of my quiet and adorable 2 year old who loved his stuffed monkey. And flash to him leaving home for 2 whole weeks.

Think I should pack George in Reed’s duffel?


8 thoughts on “George.

  1. maybe not the actual george. he’s way too precious. but perhaps a new mini-george in a care package….

  2. that is so sweet! my daughter loves monkeys; she doesn’t have George, she has one her dad picked up for her at FAO Schwartz in NYC when he was on a trip with our Confirmation class. It is made out of socks and she LOVES it. I still have my bear from when I was a kid. Shhh. Don’t tell 🙂

  3. My kids are monkeys. No, really, they are, according to the Chinese zodiac.

    Sure, pack CG in there. Embarrass Reed in front of his friends and campmates!

  4. just so you know about your header, it’s ok to change the photo, but I always thought that you had the most intriguing header written in blogdom.

  5. Tom – ain’t that the truth!

    Reed was actually excited to see George on screen on the blog. He really does have the little fella tucked away!

    Steakbellie – thank you, that’s really sweet – I got several emails too and have changed it back. Still thinking about what’s next!

  6. You also came across “A Bright Shining Lie” (on the bookshelf in the background of the photo)! That’s a great book, I enjoyed it very much.

  7. Hey Dave – thanks for coming by! George was posed there, by me. (that’s my office 🙂 I’m not sure my 10 year old is ready for those books!

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