You and your little dog Toto too.

So the other day (I might have mentioned it), I had a pedicure. It was wonderful. Except for the ticklish part, it’s the best! I was relaxing, eyes half closed, when into my consciousness seeped the television. It was two evil witches scolding another witch for being too nice. Seems the nicer witch had a young child. (Now, I have to say, these women were not of child-bearing years. So am I to surmise that witches have babies at a much, and I mean much, older age?)

Anyway, the nice witch was named…are you sitting? Tabitha. Seriously. What creativity! And her daughter? Endora. I’m not lying. Though it might be the other way around. The kid might be Tabitha. But who cares really?

This soap opera has an entire thread about witches. Does anyone else think that is bizarre?

I had never heard of Passions before. Have you? It’s on network TV. Not that being on network means it’s any good, mind you. But seriously.

I used to watch General Hospital. Religiously. I remember Demi Moore as the reporter. The wedding of Laura and Luke. Stavros. Crisis after crisis. Affair after affair. I don’t know why I was drawn back in, day after day.

Recently, I saw GH on while I was at the gym or someplace. OMG. Monica. What the heck happened to Monica? She looked just awful – she clearly has had a lot of work done. Not in a good way, either. But I digress.

So GH was silly and out there and unrealistic in many ways. But this Passions takes it to another level.


I’m going to have to ask my media buyer friend what kind of ratings that show gets. Because I can’t believe many people would waste their time on that when there is plenty of better (notice I didn’t say good) crap on air all the time. And besides, now that there’s a Food Network, who needs anything else?

Except possible TLC for What Not to Wear and Fox (so I can see House).


2 thoughts on “You and your little dog Toto too.

  1. Ooooooooo, do you remember Dark Shadows, and Barnabus Collins? Maybe they’re ripping off the vampire soap from 40 years ago!

    My dad worked nights. During the day, he’d hang out in his buddies paint and machine shops, and those guys were all hooked on GH, and Luke and Laura.

    I haven’t seen week-day daytime TV in ages. I’d definitely be tuned in to the food network. I can never leave the house in the middle of a Bobbie Flay Throw Down.

  2. Would it surprise you at all that I used to watch “Passions”? It’s so off the wall, too ridiculous but oddly amusing. It’s actually going off the air, it’s the last season. And, careful what you say about GH. You know I love me some GH…

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