Father’s day or What’s Behind Door No. 3?

Hey there. I’ve asked Andrew to contribute a post in honor of my favorite June Hallmark holiday. So please allow me to introduce today’s guest post….

I had a great day Sunday. And while I’m usually treated like a king here, yesterday was one of the better ones: brunch at Parker’s Bistro, strawberry picking at Larriland Farms, and one of the season’s first visits to the pool.But the highlight were the hand crafted gifts from the kids, and cards, and two wonderful things from W.

The first a great book on one of my other loves, BMW motorcycles. I can’t wait to read it.

But the second is even more special.

I was handed a wrapped package, a box about 14″ x 8″, maybe 2″ thick, and substantial. Not heavy, but not a shirt.

And I was told something like “you’ll enjoy constructing this”.

So I shook the box and heard some metallic sounds. Couldn’t be a jigsaw puzzle, how about an Erector Set?


And Wendy says

wait for it


How did you know?

It seems that she and the boys had been out running around, stopped at a garage sale and saw this vintage set. Not perfect, but in really fine shape. So they had to get for me as a surprise.

I had no idea of what they had done, and I’m not really sure how I guessed it. I had an Erector set when younger (get your mind out of the gutter), but hadn’t really thought about it in years. And while the kids have several different sets of toys they can build with, no Erector set.

So how did I know?

I’m not sure but I’m really looking forward to playing with my new toy.


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