I’ve been thinking.

My weight has fluctuated by 15-20 pounds since I’ve known Andrew (aside from pregancy and I am not interested in discussing the weight changes during those times!). I’ve been super-skinny and I’ve been on the heavier side and in-between. It’s been 16 years. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

I’m at a great place now – comfortable, not too thin, not too heavy. I feel good. Well, maybe a few pounds less would be good, but….

So I was thinking.

How many cumulative hours, days, weeks has Andrew had to hear about my weight, my food intake, my exercise plans and habits? More than I’d like to admit. (Though of course, here I am admitting it just the same.)

And it dawned on me. He would probably rather have me 20 pounds over my ideal than have to listen to me drone on about it anymore. (Not that I would be thrilled with that…)

So I asked him. Directly. “If you had the choice to never discuss my weight again, would you be willing to have me on the top end of my scale?”

He tried to contain a resounding, of course.

He just smiled. And I know.

So, while I still like to stay at my healthy weight, I am not planning on talking about it anymore.

Well, at least not much.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking.

  1. Oh, that’s one of those loaded questions for men, just like “Honey, does this dress/pair of jeans/bathing suit make me look fat?”

  2. It used to drive my ex husband CRAZY that I would not be like “other women” and fuss about my weight. After I left him, he hauled me into counseling to try to save the marriage and he said to the doc, “What is WRONG with her? She NEVER says those things women say like, oh I can’t eat that, or that’s too fattening, or oh I need to lose some weight?”

    He’s kinda partial to anorexic women. So I say, “Well go have ’em then, will ya!” Me and my Mae West body will be over here getting mauled to death! 🙂

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